Wills & Estates Planning Services

Powers of Attorney

Most adults like to plan for their future by being certain that their affairs are in order if and when they would be unable to handle their personal business by themselves. A Power of Attorney allows an individual to appoint an agent to handle personal finances as well as other tasks that the principal (the person making the Power of Attorney) may not be able to perform. A general durable power of attorney in Pennsylvania allows the agent to perform a multitude of tasks for the principal.

Living Wills

An Advanced Medical Directive, or a Living Will, allows a person to speak for himself or herself if he or she would become unable to verbalize wishes as to medical treatment and meet certain criteria. The person making the directive documents his or her desires as to various forms of treatment that may be accepted or rejected.

Last Will & Testament

A Last Will and Testament allows a person to direct how his or her assets, including real estate, financial resources, and personal effects would be left. The person making the will names his or her beneficiaries as well as the individual(s) desired to handle the estate for the decedent.

Shirley A. Makuta, Esquire can discuss with you your need for a will, a power of attorney, and an advanced medical directive (living will). Attorney Makuta can assist you in the administration of an estate. Please call the office for an appointment.